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The High Quality Shave Soaps That Gives Back To The Community
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A Quality Shave That Helps People Grow

May 2020 Shave Soap; Gourmand

Notes Include: Almond, Vanilla, Milk, Cherry.

As Canada Post is offering free shipping on one order, we will include three body soaps to the first three customers

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Here is a link to a video from one of our fans


I am Patrick, I am the crafter of these shave soaps and I wanted to create a shave soap that allows me to give back to the community. What you see is the result of years of making soap, and a desire to produce a natural high quality shave and a product that gives back to humanity.

We are not a registered charity, instead I use some of my time to fuel my interest in producing an outstanding natural shave soap.

$20 Canadian of each shave soaps goes towards Pottery Works ( that is a "Collective of Artist that overcome disablility through art".  They produce the shave soap container that is filled with the Shave Soap.

Any monies left over, will be passed on to other initiatives to allow people expand their thoughts.

If you see any pictured shave products that you like, please contact myself directly.  Please note all the batches are small and products produced are for a temporary period of time.

Black - Vanilla, Almond, Milk, Cherry
Green - Herbal
Red - Rose with Wood

Most prices with delivery are $60 CDN  (Canada Post Ground) each, $80 CDN (Air Small Packet) for European locations.

Patrick Jilek

Current Non Audited Position for September 2019

$2738.78   Soap Proceeds

$1388.50  Community Living (Pottery Works)  

$68.50        Kiva Deposit (The Shave Project)

$695.00    Postage
$832.44      Supplies

$177.42    Out of Pocket

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